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 Special Kind of event

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PostSubject: Special Kind of event   Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:04 pm

Hello and Welcome Guys,

As the description says,its special kind of event i've made myself

This is Simple Event,and may contain maximum 3 rounds

There will be special actions taken,and they're listed here:

(announce) Pyroman Gone Crazy!  : i shoot the players with any weapon i have

(announce)Pyroman Got Infected!  :i explode myself while near some players

(announce) Random Infected Pyroman   :i explode a random player

(announce) SLAP COMING!    : i slap all,simple :p

(announce) Hell Weather!   : i set everyone's weather as 2012,or some number near it,it would be full pink (even ground,not just sky) and sometimes yellow,and idk the rest :p

(announce)Pyroman Calls His Hydra :i spawn hydra to me (i should not say a command)

(announce) Pyroman Calls His Dumper! :i spawn dumper to me

(announce) Pyroman Gone Racing! : i spawn a fast car (i prefer infernus) and tune it with everything,and keep raming players (ramming not parking)

(announce) Pyroman Calls His Tank :i spawn tank to me

(announce) Pyroman Calmed Down :I just Calm down,i dont do any special action or anything for a while

I Usually use those weapons at those rounds

Round 1 (full weapons):Desert Deagle(24) Combat Shotgun(27) Uzi(28) mp5(29) m4(31) Sniper Rifle(34)

Round 2 (1 weapon): this would be any kind of weapon,but i usually use mp5(29)

Round 3 (No Weapons):Only Fist!

Notes:Heal and armour Included in every round,Every special action is included in every round,You may make even more rounds,or less rounds it doesn't matter

If you like this event,u would use it just like me :p

Prices would be any number of score

If 2 or more last stands into the ring (same team) The hoster should shoot on them until 1 dies,the last one to stand wins!

the location is Vice Stadium (duel),if Someone falls from the ring he dies!
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PostSubject: Re: Special Kind of event   Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:19 pm

Think this should be in Suggestions*.
-nice ideas for some.
-unless you off duty*,wont be fair killing players for easy kills.
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Special Kind of event

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