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 [Suggestion] Event crew

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PostSubject: [Suggestion] Event crew   Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:03 pm

Your name In game : [MG]clause_
Suggestion for In game or Forum: In Game
What kind of Suggestion you want give: My suggestion is to hire a event crew, their purpose is to come up with ideas of funny events etc. People should be able to apply to become a event staff on the forums. (( All down below ))

So yesterday me and Jayden hosted a couple of events that we believe were unique and hasn't been hosted on this server before.

We called it, Go Kart race! and Hijack the driver

Descriptions to the events.

Go Kart race! Players are to be lined up, when the race starts the first guy to drive the specified amount of rounds, wins the prize. Rules during this event: A player is not allowed to start before a staff starts it, taking off will result in a respawn. A player is not allowed to drive in the other direction, this results in a respawn.

Hijack the driver Two staffs or more are driving a vehicle with its health boosted so people don't blow up the vehicle. A staff is sitting on the top of the vehicle and shooting with a m4 at the vehicles behind the truck. Players objective in this event is to hijack the driver, the one who jacks it and drives with it for 5 seconds is the winner. Rules during this event. // Any weaponized vehicle is not allowed during this event. That includes Tanks, Rustlers, Hunters, and Hydras. However a player is allowed to teamup with someone and shoot the tires of the firetruck or ram it. (( Note: If a player shows up with a weaponized vehicle expect your chance to face the minigun, the minigun will only be used in necessary scenarious. It will not be used shooting at normal players, only at hunters, hydras, tanks, rustlers. You get my point right. ))

Pictures of the events!

Go Kart Race! as shown below:

Hijack the driver as shown below

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[Suggestion] Event crew

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