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 Inactive [MG]_XSeaX_[SAW]

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Trial Administrator
Trial Administrator

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PostSubject: Inactive [MG]_XSeaX_[SAW]   Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:51 am

Hello Guys , I Will Be Inactive For Many Reasons I Can't Say Here
I Already Told The Admins I Will Try To Join Some Days To The Server
I Dunno How Much Time I Will Be Inactive Sad Sad Sad Sad
Soory For That Sad Sad Sad Sad

With Regards.

Got A [MG] Tag From [MG]Alshan_007
Got Moderator Status From [ṂƓ]ᾋṨṨᾋȖĿҬ_ᾋƇἝ[ȒƉ]
Promoted To Admin Level 2 From GodMask

Promoted To Admin Level 3 From [ṂƓ]ᾋṨṨᾋȖĿҬ_ᾋƇἝ[ȒƉ]

Demoted To Admin Level 2 From Alshan
Promoted To Level 3 From [MG]Irish_

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Lead Administrator
Lead Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Inactive [MG]_XSeaX_[SAW]   Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:16 pm

its ok sea man Razz we ll be wAiting for u mate Razz
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Inactive [MG]_XSeaX_[SAW]

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