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 Full Team Bug

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PostSubject: Full Team Bug   Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:27 pm

Ingame name : [ABN]Shmurda[GK]
Bug description : Says team is full when the team clearly isn't full, I know not everyone is a spy these days lol.
Where it occurred/is happening : Random when joining teams.
Suggestions/Corrections : A fix of some sort maybe raise the team player count?
Valid Screen Shot :
3 Different teams on the same session are all full but barely have any players on them, but I can join Soviet and Turkey when they have like 10+ people.
https://vid.me/Pf19 - Netherlands

https://vid.me/bagM - France

https://vid.me/Fn17 - United States

- Also it tends to happen a lot on the France team especially when it has like 3 people in it, I always see new players complaining "What the fuck? Team is full?" and they don't ever get a answer.

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Full Team Bug

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