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 Server Suggestions - Agent69

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PostSubject: Server Suggestions - Agent69   Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:05 pm

IGN: [P4H]Agent69

* Those are in-game suggestions.

- Suggestion 01: A plugin that prevents TP commands abuse - such as /reconattack, for example, there should be a 30 second cooldown between each one.

- Suggestion 02: Anti-pause system - A system that prevents pausing to avoid death, or to capture points, for example, while in combat, if someone pauses, and if attacked within 10 seconds of pause, he gets killed with 1 shot, to prevent pausing.

- Suggestion 03: New anti-hack system - Here in this server, you might see a total of 50 hackers a day, if there was a good system, such cases can be prevented.

Thanks for reading, TOOTHLESS.

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Server Suggestions - Agent69

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