i didn't like Your suggestions becouse all of them suggested months Ago
1)i think more classes will add in final update and someone suggested more classes
2)about removing animation in forum No Becouse we need beautiful forum p.s new forum is coming
3)adding more zones suggested before you
4)remapping bases becouse of rustler suggested by selenderloki
5)server is night becouse of /its2017 and it will change soon
6)add a team for philippin? nice joke becouse iran team suggestion denied by +11 vote and 0 negative vote but some other team will add i think
7)admins never didn't use /goto for abuse and they use /adminduty just for checking reports i saw and you lie becouse Server Has A script and any admin -4 can't use any Admin Commands Without Going On Duty
8)about more anims you said you play in RP server... server has many anims and i think enough and more anims are good for RP servers
9)it's already on forum and if a member post useless topic will warn that member and trash and lock that topic