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 JulianLucario [MG] Tag Application

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PostSubject: JulianLucario [MG] Tag Application   Sun May 21, 2017 10:22 pm

State Your IG Name: JulianLucario
-State Your Age: 16
-How Long have you been a part of the comunity: 1 moth
-At which time you are active the most and Specify your Timezone: 6:00 pm UTC/GMT -4:00 (VET)
-Have you got your MG removed befored: I Never Had MG Tag
-Have your got ever been warned/Kicked Never had Warned in the server
-List of the previous names you haved used: JulianLucario
-Why do you want the Tag Example: I Want Help to Players for being the most players in the server this server is amazing,and leave the hackers.
-Have your read all rules and forums rules? Yeah I Read All rules of the comunity.
-If accepted what will your name be with MG Tag? : [MG]JulianLucario
-What can do you as a member to help people [Exaplin]: I Can Show them all comands for teleports, shops, rules, credits... I already record and post in forum all hackers I Coming for yours find.
-Why should we accept you[explain]: Well I Like this Server, its the Only server i play and i played clean and bigger.
-Picture of your stats:

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JulianLucario [MG] Tag Application

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