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 Suggestion For [COD] Server By AK_MARSHALL[DK]

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PostSubject: Suggestion For [COD] Server By AK_MARSHALL[DK]   Sat May 03, 2014 11:46 am

Your name In game :AK_MARSHALL[DK]
Suggestion for In game or Forum:IN GAME
What kind of Suggestion you want give:Everyone knows That If You See Any hacker You Type /Report....... ,Then if You Found That 'NO ANY ADMIN ONLINE' You Will be Crazy.Some Of Gamer's i Asked they said, We ONLY USE HACKS WHEN ANY ADMIN IS NOT ONLINE This Will reduce the Chances of getting banned.My suggestion is to Add more Admins from Each Time Zone.I have just Watched MAHAD's Reply on a topic,He said that 'WHEN I AM ONLINE YOU SHOULD BE SLEEPING OR IN SCHOOL'. This will reduce the chances of 'no any admin online 'will be written.Every time Must be at least one admin Online and doing their Work.This will also reduce the number of Cheater and Hackers!!!
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Suggestion For [COD] Server By AK_MARSHALL[DK]

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